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Author: William Kerner
Date: November 9, 2021

The Pros and Cons of LG V30 Battery Replacement

LG V30 Battery Replacement

The LG V30 is a great device with many groundbreaking features like it's all-glass finish and great OLED display. The screen to body ratio is also great, giving the phone a sleek look. It's also extremely slim and lightweight. But because of that, it came with a significant flaw that became a deal-breaker for many

It comes with an average battery of 3300mAh capacity which is an underwhelming number for a flagship phone from LG. And if compared to phones from other brands like Samsung with the same capacity, the battery life of the V30 is pretty bad. It can't be used for a full day even without any games or other graphic intensive activities.

Upon that, after using the device for several months, the battery life deteriorates, making it even more frustrating to use. So one of the most feasible things for the users is to get the battery replaced.

There are a few benefits of getting a battery replacement

  • The cost of getting a battery replacement is very cheap for the LG V30.
  • The new battery would also give you a better battery life than the previous one.
  • Some of the batteries available in the market can provide you better battery backup compared to the original one.

On the other hand, LG V30 battery replacement comes with a few risks and disadvantages like

  • You should be absolutely sure that the new battery is perfectly compatible with your device. That's because if it's not compatible and you use those anyway, then it might not power your phone, to begin with. It might also happen that the phone starts but you are unable to charge it. In the worst-case scenario, incompatible batteries might get short-circuit and start burning which is dangerous.
  • It's an extra cost added to your smartphone purchase. Since smartphones should work flawlessly with the battery they come with, getting a new battery for your recently purchased LG V30 is like a hole in the wallet.

It's recommended that you take your device to a repair or service center to get the battery replaced. This way you can be sure of the compatibility and also there won't be other issues. If you want to increase the performance of your current battery then we have a few tips for you along with a list of best replacement options for your battery.

If you're choosing to go to a repair center, then keep in mind a few troubleshooting steps that you should do before you go there. These steps will ensure that your battery performance is improved.

1)   Keep your phone in low power mode

By keeping the phone in low power mode, you reduce battery consumption thus increasing your battery performance. Go to Settings > Battery > turn on low power mode

2)   Airplane mode

This is not a feasible option if you have to attend and make a lot of calls. But if you're not using data or have to make or receive calls, then this will improve your battery life significantly. Go to the control center panel. From the top and click on the airplane logo to toggle it on or off.

3)   Screen brightness

If you go to the settings menu and then open battery usage in your LG V30 smartphone, there you will notice that the screen is the biggest user of the battery power. All the LEDs in the OLED panel of the display drain a lot of juice from the battery when used in full brightness. So it is advised that you use your device with as low brightness as you are comfortable with.

There's a fair chance that your battery performance won't improve drastically by this step. But to be honest it's a great phone with a big flaw. But you have the option to fix it by getting a proper replacement battery for your device

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