The Terrific PS4 Controller Battery – A Compelling Buyers Review 2023

The latest PlayStation 4 Controller is in the market now. These PSPs are readily available across various online and offline stores. But finding replacement parts for this is still a hard catch. The task of finding a perfect replacement battery for the PS4 controller seems almost impossible.

The internet is flooded with fake products, which are nothing but garbage that can damage your new Play Station. Therefore, finding a genuine battery replacement for your PSP becomes crucial to get a high-end gaming experience without bothering to charge it.

ps4 battery replacement

The feel of this PS4 controller is fantastic, and it feels great in your hands. An uninterrupted and top-notch gaming experience is only delivered when the hardware of your Play Station is maintained with utmost care.

You must understand some of the characteristics to make the best choice while looking for ps4 controller battery replacement. This will help you determine if this is what you need and whether or not it will benefit your gaming needs.

Amazon’s Best PS4 Battery Replacements

The PS4 controller battery comes with a voltage range of 3.7 to 4.5 volts to supply the necessary potential to your remote. These batteries are known to possess a capacity of 1000mAh. These are mostly rechargeable batteries that can be reused with a perfect charger. But once it goes out of order, it is best to get it replaced with a new genuine replacement.

Best PS4 battery Replacement and Buying Guide

1. Warranty

Sony has a very limited warranty on this product. They guarantee the battery pack can only be used for 30 days after its first use. After that, you’re out of luck to purchase any other kind of replacement for this pack. It is best to buy a replacement battery with a good warranty period that covers your purchase against damage or failure during regular use and charge. It will help you claim replacement once your battery goes out of order within the warranty period.

2. Safety

The latest PS4 controller batteries are more durable than the older models. Still, some are prone to overheating, and they could explode while charging, so you should take appropriate steps to ensure your safety in this situation. You do not want a cheap quality battery to damage your controller and end up spoiling your gaming experience. Make sure you check all the safety ratings and reviews of your battery before paying for it.

3. Battery Life

Some batteries last for a long time, and others don’t. You will get your money’s worth out of quality batteries. Although some batteries can last several months, the average battery life is 1-3 years. You can easily find a battery worth your money, offering a better battery life with so many options. You do not want to spend hectic amounts on something with a low reputation in the market.

4. Compatibility

Each model of battery is designed for a specific model of controller. If you buy a replacement for your PS4 controller, make sure it has been designed for your controller as well as its brand. You will not be able to use it with a controller from another brand. A controller is a small and hand device with types of equipment designed to fit perfectly. A battery with even the slightest of variation will end up unsettling the whole controller system, and you may not be able to assemble it back.

What to Look For?


The price of your ps4 controller battery replacement decides what you will ultimately buy in the end. Unfortunately, a replacement battery can be more expensive than the original one. The price of replacement batteries can go as high as almost three times the original one. Just make sure you invest with the right brand offering a genuine and reasonable price for quality services.


Among all the huge list of manufacturers, some names in this field have a high level of trust among users of PS4 batteries. These names include Tanotis, Robo Elements, SEIVI, Ostent, and Batman, which have a huge customer base in the market.

Charging Time

You do not want to spend money on a new replacement battery and spend more time charging it than playing. So make sure your new battery is known to provide genuine backup while gaming and comes with a quick charge time. A fast charging time will also keep your battery healthy as you can then avoid charging your battery for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

· What is the average battery backup of the PS4 Controller battery?

A PS4 controller runs on a Lithium-ion 1000mAh battery which accounts for several power needs of your controller. In some cases, a 200mAh battery is also used as a replacement.

· How to find if your PS4 controller needs a battery replacement?

You can check the battery life of your controller on the home screen of Playstation under the segment Quick Menu.

· How to know if my PS4 battery charging after connecting with a charger?

After connecting your PS4 controller with a charger, you will find that the light bar on your device starts blinking in pulse amber colour. This is an indication that your battery is charging.

How to Change the Battery in your PS4 Controller?

You can start by finding the best ps4 controller battery replacement for your device. Now you need a cross-head screwdriver to unscrew your controller from the backside and open it up. Once opened, take a pry tool to pry open your controller gently from both sides.

Do not overstretch the two parts of the remote as wires connect them. The battery is now visible and can be removed by slightly twisting the key locks. After removing your old battery, set up your replacement battery in the same position and screw it back with your controller. 

You are now all set for uninterrupted gaming again. Make sure to be gentle while performing these steps, and do not unnecessarily pull out any wires that you know nothing about. Use all this information to get the best possible result for your search.

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