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Author: William Kerner
Date: November 8, 2021

How do Different Types of Chargers Work?

Types Battery Chargers

In our daily lifestyles, staying connected with the world professionally and socially through our smartphones is our top priority. And to keep our mobile devices up and running all the time, it becomes important to charge them regularly. Gratefully, the manufacturers of the smartphone industry are competitive to our advantage and we have a number of different types of chargers to charge our devices in different situations.

Let us have a quick look at the major types out there.

Types of chargers

1.   Wall Chargers

These are the most common standard chargers used by people. Wall chargers can be easily attached to outlets/ power sockets in your homes or offices. An easy way to recharge your phone on the go.

Wall Chargers

Wall Chargers

2.   Portable Chargers

What if there is no power socket around? Until phone manufacturers fabricate batteries that last forever, you will need to keep charging your phone. The solution here is to buy a portable charger.

The best portable chargers are powerful, durable and, at the same time, lightweight. But yes, portable chargers need to be charged either using electrical cords or solar power. Only that you charge your portable only once and it can charge your mobile device multiple times on the go.

Portable charger

Portable Charger: Photo by brobible.com

3.   Wireless Chargers

If your device supports wireless charging, it has to be the best means to charge it. The trickle charging technique used by wireless chargers makes it one of the best ways to improve the battery life of your smartphones. Wireless charging, as the name suggests, doesn’t require any intermediate cables to charge your smartphone. You simply need to place it on a special mat or tabletop and your device shall start charging.

Wireless charger

Wireless Charger: Photo by www.popsci.com

4.   Desktop Chargers

The desktop type chargers come with a base unit and a USB cable that plugs your smartphone to your laptop or desktop. Other types of mobile devices like tablets can also be charged using desktop chargers.

Desktop charger

Desktop Charger: Photo by www.trendhunter.com

5.   Car Chargers

Are you planning on a long trip? You should perhaps consider packing your car chargers. There are arguments on the effectiveness of car chargers, but we simply can’t ignore the level of convenience they provide us with. They come in handy, especially during long trips, where finding a power socket nearby is next to impossible.

Car charger

Car Charger: Photo by Predshed.co.uk

6.   Green Chargers

The Go Green initiatives and campaigns have influenced the smartphone industry as well. Though not a very popular choice, they exist in the market and function equally good, like most other types of chargers. There are many types of green chargers like solar chargers and bike chargers that make use of renewable resources to power up your mobile device.

charger types

  Green Charger: Photo by www.pinterest.com

7.   Multiport USB Chargers

Multiport USB chargers are a common sight in offices, airports and other public places. Many people can make use of Multiport USB chargers at the same time to charge their mobile devices. They come in handy when you have multiple mobile devices but only one power plug.

MultiPort USB charger

   Multiport USB Charger: Photo by thewirecutter.com

How do chargers work?

The formula here is purely high school physics but is, nevertheless, the guiding principle.

Watts = Amps x Volts

Any charger is able to charge your mobile device; thanks to amperage, wattage, and voltage. These are the measurement units that respectively determine how fast your device can charge, the current density and energy being spent during charging.

Every charger works on a specified output and input voltage and ampere rating. If you want to select a charger that can charge your mobile device faster, you should consider the one with higher input and output values. Dash chargers are, however, among the fast charging types. In short, more the wattage, faster the charging.

So, which type of charger do you use?

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