Draining My Battery

What Is Draining My Battery? How To Fix Phone Issues 2023

Whether playing games, listening to music, watching movies, browsing social media, taking photos and many more things we can do with our Smartphones, it might be frustrating to know that your battery is draining faster than usual. You are not able to manage your phone to stay on when you are out for work.

It is possible to optimize your battery and squeeze some more life out of it by changing some settings or deleting unwanted apps working in the background on your phone. Some batteries are poorly designed, which lead to drain power charges than usual.

However, you get a dead phone battery; then, you can use the reconditioning program of ezz battery reconditioning to jump-start your phone battery and can give it a new life like a new; so you do not need to replace it or buy a new one. These day manufacturers are building stronger batteries that can last longer. If you are experiencing battery drainage, various reasons can cause your battery drainage.

  • Phone Display

One of your battery drains’ main reasons is your phone brightness because the phone display uses a lot of battery while lighting up those pixels. So, to keep your phone battery to lasts longer than usual, then keep your phone’s brightness at a low percentage. However, the latest version of android phones has an additional feature like dark theme mode. These dark modes will use less battery and allow your battery to last longer.

  • Hardware And Motherboard

Companies are building better quality motherboards and hardware, but they do not improve anything related to battery technology. Though, when you play any game on your android phones, they tend to get heated more than usual, which leads to drain more battery. Moreover, some old phones are upgraded with the latest operating system, which also consumes more battery power. With heavier software, your phone hardware and motherboard cannot take up the load and might drain the battery at a faster rate.

  • Software Functions

Whenever you install new operating system software in your device, it comes with several new features, which increase the load on your motherboard system. As a result, it requires more battery power to support all the functions in your device; thus, it leads to battery drainage faster. So, keep standard software in your device to support the relevant or useful features suitable for your phone’s hardware.

  • Apps And Functions

Another great reason for faster battery drainage is unwanted apps and functions working in your phone’s background. Many apps are available on your phone that startup without your permission and run in the background. To prevent your battery from draining, you have to uninstall all unwanted or unused apps from your phone to reduce the hardware or motherboard’s workload. Moreover, several functions also keep running in the background like GPS, background apps, higher brightness, and other small features.

The information discussed above is the reason behind the drainage of the battery. So, do check your phone and keep unwanted apps or features out of your phone.

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