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Author: William Kerner
Date: April 4, 2020

Why You Need a Battery Case and How To Keep Your Battery Healthy

Reasons Why You Need a Battery Case

Is your phone dead yet again? It may sound unflattering to remember the times when cell phones last a week on a single charge. Today, we feel lucky if our iPhones last more than 8 hours a day without dying. The short battery life is just a small concern over all the technological advancements brought about by today’s smartphones.

Today smartphones are just something far more than mere phones; they are, in fact, pocket-sized computers. However, it can get really frustrating to spend thousands on a phone just to stay plugged in to the charging socket most of the day.

Even with the minimal usage with the all-time power saving mode on, and with photography without a flash, your phone battery might be draining faster than ever. Well, there are better ways to keep your battery running for longer times on a single charge, the best and trendy way of being using a battery case.

What is a battery case?

A battery case is a phone case with an in-built backup battery. A phone case that duals up as a phone case and a charger surely seems a great option. They come in multiple variants; one has the non-removable battery integrated and other variants provide portable power support via a charging cable. You can opt for anyone of them as per your preference.

Why use a battery case?

Most of the time, when we are stuck to our phones browsing our Insta or FB feed, or chilling out with Netflix, we tend to forget when our battery power goes down to below even 5%. But batteries have a limited lifetime and some of the latest smartphones come with irreplaceable batteries. The battery power only gets weaker if used at a charge below 5% for longer durations. Sure, carrying your charging cable or mobile charger is always an option. But that is just like carrying around an extra device all the time. And what if you just forget to carry it one day?

A better hassle-free solution to stay charged is to combine the protection of your mobile case with a power bank, which is a battery charging case. The top reasons why you should be using a battery charging case are:

  • The battery charging case protects from scratches and impacts during the fall of your mobile device.
  • The battery case also provides your smartphone with the grip that mostly lacks in our super-sleep phones, while adding a bit extra weight to the feeling of sturdiness.
  • The most important reason for using a battery charging case is that it comes integrated with a builtin battery pack that charges your smartphone on the go without the need for carrying around your power bank or charging cables/ adapters.
  • Some of the popular battery charging cases also come with front-facing speakers at the bottom or side to amplify your music experience.

Charging your phone battery is as simple as pressing the Power button on the back. Once the phone is installed with the battery case, you can perform normal charging and file transfer activities as usual, without the need for removing it.

The tricky part can be choosing the perfect battery charging case for your device that optimally charges your smartphone battery without heating up your device.

Tips to keep your battery healthy

In addition to the suggestion of using a battery case for your smartphone, here are some important tips to keep your smartphone battery healthy for a longer time:

  • Do not run your phone at a charge below 10% as it can reduce your battery life considerably.
  • Avoid keeping your phone on metallic surfaces while charging as they add extra heat to your device, reducing the battery life.
  • Do not leave your phone to charge overnight.
  • Keep your phone juiced up to 100% whenever possible. Your phone battery has better health running between 40-80% of charge.

While practicing all these factors, you can improve your battery life by many folds, while reducing your battery decomposition rate every year.

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