BatteryWill now accepts guest and encourages guest posting contributions!

Follow our requirements below to start writing!

What type of content are we looking for?

We are looking for content that is related to the following topics:

  • General Battery Information
  • Battery Recommendations
  • Electronic Chargers/Charging
  • All The Types Of Batteries (Lithium, Alkaline, Zinc, Carbon Zinc, Silver Oxide, etc.)
  • How Specific Batteries Work
  • General Electronic/Battery Related Content
  • Solar Batteries/Generators/Panels
  • Battery Circuits
  • Battery Chemistry
  • Educational Battery/Electrical Information
  • Tutorials & Walkthroughs (battery related)
  • Portable Batteries
  • All Battery Related Research
  • Battery/Generators Technology
  • Off-Grid Electrical Setups & Guides
  • Battery Replacements
  • Batteries Reviews & Guides
  • Car/Bike/Scooter/Golf Cart/Vehicle Batteries & Battery Replacements
  • Phone Battery Replacements
  • ALL Electronic Battery Replacement Guides, Reviews & How-Tos
  • Inverter Batteries
  • Battery Life Hacks
  • Electrochemistry
  • Technology Relating to Batteries
  • Battery Manufacturing Information
  • Large Batteries
  • Battery Company Research (Duracell, LG, Panasonic, CATL. etc.)
  • Camper/DUI Electrical Setup

Basically, we are looking for any content that is related to batteries & electrical systems. The topics above are examples to inspire you to write about batteries. Therefore, if your blog/article topic isn’t listed above, don’t stress.

As long as the post is clearly related to batteries or electricity/electrical systems then it will be accepted

More Guest Posting Details

  • List posts, interviews, comparisons, research pieces, expert roundups – They’re all excellent as long as they are written properly and deliver fresh content to our readers!
  • Critical Detail – Your content cannot violate any copywrite laws
  • Must be the first time this content has been published! Absolutely no reusing old content. (Must be the first time the content has been published, before anywhere else)

Technical Requirements:

  • MUST be over 2000+ words. (Ideally 2500 words per post).
  • Images MUST be used. Minimum of 6 images must be included (One of them being the title image)
  • Internal links to other content on our website MUST be included.
  • External links to credible sites for extra information to our readers. Must be included
  • Excellent headings & subheadings
  • Images must be at least 800px wide and high quality! This is highly important and we will reject all posts that do not follow this rule.

Note: We retain the copywrite of every post published on our website. If approved, you CANNOT republish your work anywhere else.

Waiting Time

We read and go through all submissions. If you send it, we’ll read it! And you’ll get an answer too. However:

  • It might take us 1-2 weeks before we get around to your submission.
  • Please wait at least 2 weeks before resubmitting.
  • Our publication schedule is currently around one week. So if your work is approved, it will be published within 10 days time frame.

Looking For Inspiration? Here’s Some Our Most Popular Posts:

How to get your work published here

  • Start by coming up with a good headline that you think could work well.
  • Tell us how our readers will benefit from your article.
  • Please contact us via info@batterywill.com with your propositions.
  • We will take a look at them, reach back to you and let you know what’s next.


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